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I get asked a lot what inspires me to create - and I really can't answer that question.

It's something that was written onto my personality a very long time ago.

Where it came from, I couldn't tell.


It is surprising when I look at my family - all of them somewhat musical, although most don't admit that they can do anything better than play the radio, and despite many years of classical training in music  - something happened at the end of my college career that planted a seed that refused to do anything other than grow since that day.

The "incident" in question? A painting class. Something big happend that quarter - I've never looked back.

IN 1995  -  Graduated with a degree in Fine Arts: Bachelor of Music, Baldwin-Wallace College Conservatory of Music, Associates of Art and Design, Lakeland College. 

IN 2007, 2008, 2009 -  Publishied as a contributing designer in magazines such as: Bead Trends, and Bead and Button Magazine. 

IN 2010 -  Artist Interview for "Incisive Brain" e-magazine,  

read the article at this link:

Incisive Brain, Laura Swink 

What you see here is the culmination of some successes, and some failures - I'm never happy with all of my work, but I choose to display it regardless.


I continue to move forward - and as I add new works to the site I can only hope that these pieces show a new level of maturity and creativity.


Someday, very soon, with the right combination of events I will create everyday for any reason that suits me. I only hope I can bring my viewers along with me….because I think it's gonna be a damn fine ride.