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Date Created: 2012

Signed: "Swink"

Condition: Excellent, canvas surface is pristine

Size: 26-inches high x 34-inches long

Depth: .5 inches, suitable for professional frame.

Weight: between 2 and 3 pounds

Surface: impasto, rich brush strokes. paint ridges

Varnish:  Varnished, High Gloss


Incisive Brain Article: Laura Swink

Laura Swink, Fine Art and Design

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Laura Swink: “It's impossible to stay away from painting: I want to

capture the light to convey my emotions ”

How many times have you felt, looking at a picture, that indescribable feeling of awe, involvement

and empathy that made you exclaim, "It 'great!"? That’s what’s happened to me coming across

the website of Laura Swink, chameleon-like and complex artist who lives in Chardon, 40 miles

southeast of Cleveland.


Born in Lakewood 43 years ago, as a child shows strong artistic and creative talents, using even the walls of the house for her designs. She attended at Baldwin-Wallace College, where over the course at the Conservatory of Music followed in the same time the course of business.

Already by this choice emerges the complex soul of Laura, who is still looking for her way until, by

attending the course of graphic design, she discovers the passion / obsession, as she calls it, for

painting. In fact, choose to major in graphic design, dispelling any doubt that the painting would

have been her way. "I tend to gravitate to all that constitutes a form of art, there is something

magical in the creation and expression through painting that fascinates me" says Laura, showing

me some of her works. "I believe in every artist’s project as a creative act and magic moment when ideas, techniques and emotions are mixed in a perfect synergy. A real window on the soul of the artist.

The planning of all activities is important, especially if you do not have a very spacious studio, as in my case. However, sometimes it seems that something magical happens, as in the case of "Synergy".


"Synergy" is the picture of Laura that triggered in me an indescribable involvement and amazement, thanks to an explosion of shapes arranged in multiple layers made even more vivid and powerful thanks to a wise use of the technique to create points of light.


In her paintings Laura combines impressionism and abstract art, using oils for their brilliance and

materiality. Perfect example of this combination of techniques is "Fade Into Light", recently

bought by a collectionist in Seattle.

Sometimes she also experiments with the combination of oils and acrylics, as in the case of "Wild

Sun" exposed last month and joined the collection of another passionate collectionist. "The

Laura Swink purchase of " Wild Sun " made me reflect on the fact that after the sale of a work I feels a strange feeling of joy, as the purchase demonstrates the recognition of the artistic value of the painting, and slightly melancholy having "lost" a small part of myself, but it has found someone who will love it the same way, "she says with a smile.


Laura is inspired by emotions and situations of daily life, trying to fix these emotions as quickly as possible through the evocative power of the explosive force of the brushstrokes and

color. Although she like a lot countryside scenes, the real source of her inspiration is the light, which she tries to capture and grasp the essence in all her paintings.

Her favorite artists are impressionists, Monet, Renoir, whose influence is evident, Van Gogh, for

the incisiveness of the strokes, Ray Turner for his abstract subject and the way to transpose onto canvas the light and color .


As you can see, her paintings have names very striking, and this is due to her belief, shared by me, which to give a title to each work means adding an extra dimension to the mental process of artistic creation. The title also allows, according to Laura, to use the channel of verbal communication to support the visual channel, which turns out to be the most widely used for work’s art fruition.


"Most artists are very emotional and they converge or share their emotions through their work, in

my case the canvas and colors. This process of transfer and sharing of personal emotions is a

fascinating and mysterious process, which does not use words but other equally effective means. "

Currently You can not admire in Italy Laura Swink’s works, unless you make a trip to Cleveland and

surrounding area. However, it is possible to know her other works by visiting her website and Fine Art America.


Besides her passion for painting, which for about 15 years is her profession, Laura realizes some

splendid jewels, very design, each of them is unique. "The creation of various types of jewelry

(necklaces, bracelets, etc.) is a very relaxing activity for me, as well as fun, as the phases of

research and pairing of materials, that allow me to test at any time my creativity.


With the aim to create highly original pieces, I started to build some parts of the necklace by me ... There's nothing worse than wearing something that you think is a unique piece and instead is owned by at least 10 other people! ".


To Incisive Brain’s readers Laura gives a small advance and a promise: she is currently working on a painting that is a big challenge for her: the introduction, in her abstract style, of figurative elements related to the themes of civilization. As soon as she finishes, the first shot will be for us!

Thank you Laura!