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My thoughts on "The Mazarine Traveler"

I try to work somewhere between creating an oil painting and a watercolor. I have been told that I should work  in oils because they are more valuable - maybe that's ture, but the oil paints do not afford me the multiple layering techniques that I need to  create the work, and  the more detailed the piece, the more layers it requires.

It can be a tedious process for any one piece, but the final outcome is always worth the time spent.


The success of "The Traveler" is an example of the art falling into its own moment and thus forming an emotional bond with its viewer. This piece has as many as hundreds of layers to complete the effect.


I love this piece more than I can imagine at this point - it has all the elements of being able to reach out to the viewer and touch them on a that level at which they feel something for the image and its effect.  It is always what I am striving for when I work and this piece has managed to capture that.

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