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Date Created: 2012

Signed: "Swink"

Condition: Excellent, canvas surface is pristine

Size: 26-inches high x 34-inches long

Depth: .5 inches, suitable for professional frame.

Weight: between 2 and 3 pounds

Surface: impasto, rich brush strokes. paint ridges

Varnish:  Varnished, High Gloss


Returning Artwork:

Laura Swink, Fine Art and Design


If you received damaged artwork due to transit issues, please contact me immediately (within 3 to 10 days.) This allows the insurance to be collected on the item and your reimbursement to happen on a timely basis.

If you wish to return the item - and let's face it: stuff happens, you don't like it as much as you thought, you lost your job and can't afford it, it doesn't matter - I won't ask; however, you must contact me within 7-10 days of receiving the item. You will be reimbursed under the following, strict conditions:


1. The artwork is returned in its original condition. No dents, scratches, rips, tears, obvious dirty fingerprints or uncleanable surfaces and so on. I MUST BE ABLE TO RESELL THE ARTWORK AGAIN AND NOT HAVE TO RETIRE IT DUE TO DAMAGE.

You will need to protect and ship the artwork responsibly. Most items will be refunded less shipping charges.


2. It must be within the 7-10 day window, at the very least - I must be contacted with the information as to the return of the artwork.


3. It must be well protected during its return transit and you must supply a tracking number (doesn't matter how you send it, I must be able to track it)


4. You must let me know you are returning the item. If you have any questions regarding this or some unforseen circumstances not covered here, please contact me and I will do what I can to satisy your situation.

Items returned will be refunded less shipping charges. You will be refunded when the piece arrives in re-sellable condition.


PRIVACY: All the names, emails address and information I receive from clients is kept strictly confidention. I do not share information with other businesses or artists.