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"Sol Invictus No.1"  

$175 (s/h may be extra)  

©Laura Swink, no use without permission

SIZE:  24" wide by 24" high

SURFACE: Acrylic/Mixed Media, Cotton Canvas

DEPTH: 1.5" thick, painted on sides to match

SIGNED:  "Swink" on lower left

VARNISH: Semi-Gloss UV Varnish

Original Painting by Laura Swink



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"Sol Invictus No.1"  

This painting is the first in a series of pieces that will be a part of the Sol Invictus series. The series is to span 3 to 4 works exploring the relationship of ice, water and sunlight. The largest of the series is set to begin creation sometime in late August. Two other pieces are being created and will be launched in

August of 2015. Sol Invictus, or "The Unconquerable Sun" is a new abstract series by Laura Swink, each piece created on 1.5-inch gallery wrapped canvas with mixed media and acrylic paint.

"It is the ice element here that pulls the abstract into playing with the concept of three-dimensional sculpture. The cracked and craggy ice is created using medical gauze secured to the canvas with modeling paste. It suggests that the ice is strong, textured and dangerous in a way that it might just be sharp, but the warmth of the sun (areas of gold) begin to break it down and forcing it back into its original state: water."